Lime & Soda
Hard Seltzer

Scorching, sun-drenched days are the perfect conditions needed to ripen zesty, flavoursome limes, which we've generously squeezed into the can you're holding. No artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives. Made with premium vodka, pure sparkling water and lime, for a mouth-puckering feeling of total refreshment.

Mango Passionfruit
Hard Seltzer

To give you the true taste of a tropical escape, we knew we had to call on our mates from Fiji to help us out with the freshest fruit around. They ship us crates of the most succulent mangoes and pulpy passionfruit, which we mix with a premium vodka and the purest sparkling water. The result is a stylish Hard Seltzer that’s amazingly easy to drink. Your Weekend starts here.

Pineapple & Ginger
Hard Seltzer

It takes nearly one full year to grow a pineapple but we think it’s well worth the wait when it tastes this good. We’ve selected only the best for you to enjoy in this very can, with no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives. The sweet taste of pineapple balanced with the subtle spicy ginger results in an exotic and refreshing drink that hits the spot every time. Your Weekend starts here.

Water Melon & Mint
Hard Seltzer

In between a dips in the ocean and bathing in the sun, a cold, sweet watermelon is the best way to truly quench your thirst. The only way to make it better? To drink it straight from a can. We’ve combined our premium vodka with pure sparkling water and have taken it up a notch with sweet watermelon and cooling mint for the ultimate summer refresher. Your Weekend starts here.

The Feelings


Founded from New Zealand shores in 2020.
We launched New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. Next on our horizon is Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam.
Stay tuned for more good times.