Lou Smith-Skinny & Soft

Taranaki-bred, Auckland-based singer-songwriter @skinnyandsoft is up next for our Everyday Legends series.

Skinny&soft, otherwise known as Lou Smith, brings an eclectic mix of melodic hooks and thoughtful lyrics to our taringas.

Since moving to Auckland just short of a year ago, he’s been working on a big project, yet to be dropped, and we’re here for the hype!

1. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
Kinda lame but I’ve actually just always wanted to be a musician, I grew up all around it. I’ve never really liked the idea of “real jobs.”

2. If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?
I was a barista before quitting to pursue music, but I’m never going back to that! Haha I’d hope if it wasn’t music it’d be something creative, anything that makes me & others happy! (Hate to sound corny lol).

3. Who’s your favourite kiwi artist that we should be keeping an eye on? And why?
That’s actually such a tough one bc Aotearoa has so many incredible artists! I think if you don’t know about Rita May, you should! People like @beneemusic, @leaping.tiger, @helloladiesmile, @mollypayton! The list goes on.

4. Best way to experience your music?
Hmm, I’d like to say live but I don’t see that happening for a moment! I mean in terms of my upcoming EP I think blast it as loud as possible and dance however you dance!

5. Best band / solo of all time? Living or not.
Damn these questions have made me think! I find it difficult to put artists above or below each other, I can suggest some awesome artists I can’t get enough of atm tho!
Nilüfer Yanya
Junior Varsity

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